What to Avoid When Using a Free VPN

VPN can indeed help to open blocked sites or applications. However, please remember, that free VPN services can also have bad effects. To avoid this, you should know what is the best vpn protocol. Once again, we must consider who the VPN service provider is and where their income comes from. If they also sell premium VPN services and provide free services as a side, we may consider it. But if it is not clear their source of income, we should avoid that service.

The following are some things that you should not do when using a free VPN:

1. Log in to your Primary Email Account
This is the most basic thing. You are prohibited to do this because it is very dangerous. Whether it’s a personal email or work/business email. Of course, this is related to the email address itself and the password you are using. Email is usually tied to many other services. Email is also tied to various devices. Imagine what happens if an irresponsible party holds an email address with a password. Especially if it’s an office/business account.

2. Log in to Personal or Business Social Media
One of the things directly related to an email account is a social media account. To log in to a social media account, you usually use an email and password (though the password might be different). Of course, when you do this, it is your social media accounts that are threatened. The risk is, if the data falls into evil-minded warriors, they can take over and use social media for improper purposes.

3. Conducting Transactions or Financial Activities
This third thing – though placed last – is the most dangerous. Yes, because it is directly related to something vital, namely money (even if it is virtually).

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